Check this Instrument

In my home country, there are still some ethnic tribes left, mostly the ones in very remote areas. Since technology cannot yet reach them, they are able to preserve their rich culture. In this time, where almost everything is fast-paced, where everyone seems to be always busy and in a hurry, it is a good thing to slow things down, reunite with nature and discover the rich culture of our tribes up in the mountains. To see children play outdoors, to hear birds chirp, to eat unprocessed food, to discover old heritage, these are the things I long to do. Once, I saw tribes gathering together, playing their probably-century-old instruments. It makes me wonder, where can I find such gong for sale in the metro, because clearly, their stuff belong to the museums!

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Random Thoughts of a Mom

Are you a mom? If yes, you can surely relate to this sentiment of mine.

I always wonder why my bag is heavy. When I check it myself, I do not see what makes it like so. I mean, I only have the essentials: umbrella, basic make-up kit, water bottle (because I am always thirsty), and a small notebook (because I always have popping ideas). See, that’s just it.

Maybe it is my bag that weighted so much. The material itself. What do you think? Should I ditch this bag and get a new one?

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Random Weekend Moment

We’re planning to watch a concert this weekend and this  seems to be more worthy of time and I got three complimentary ticket for the show. I just watched their show online and and it was a revelation because I didn’t expect the vocalist and lead guitarist to be so talented. He has a complete set of instrument even got a hercules guitar stand and it gave me goosebumps  and the audience gave them truly deserved standing ovation for the performance. I will post a video later.

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Not too Late to Learn

If there is one thing that I missed in my parenting, it would be not enrolling my children to school of music when they were young. I failed in that sense that I did not allow what might have been their talents. I know a few actors who are talented like Eastwood who is a pianist. I wonder if he plays edwards bass trombone. Do you know anyone with talent handling this instrument?

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Worth the Price

I sometimes rely on reviews whenever I buy a new product. I compare the price, the quality and their experience before coming to a final decision whether it is small or big investment.  If  I want something from orchestra,  I would make it a point to take a look on important  details  and  ask someone who have experienced the same.  I  don’t buy anything just for a reason that I want  it.  I make sure every product that I get is worth every centavo  spent.

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