Random Weekend Moment

We’re planning to watch a concert this weekend and this  seems to be more worthy of time and I got three complimentary ticket for the show. I just watched their show online and and it was a revelation because I didn’t expect the vocalist and lead guitarist to be so talented. He has a complete set of instrument even got a hercules guitar stand and it gave me goosebumps  and the audience gave them truly deserved standing ovation for the performance. I will post a video later.

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Not too Late to Learn

If there is one thing that I missed in my parenting, it would be not enrolling my children to school of music when they were young. I failed in that sense that I did not allow what might have been their talents. I know a few actors who are talented like Eastwood who is a pianist. I wonder if he plays edwards bass trombone. Do you know anyone with talent handling this instrument?

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Worth the Price

I sometimes rely on reviews whenever I buy a new product. I compare the price, the quality and their experience before coming to a final decision whether it is small or big investment.  If  I want something from  musiciansfriend.com orchestra,  I would make it a point to take a look on important  details  and  ask someone who have experienced the same.  I  don’t buy anything just for a reason that I want  it.  I make sure every product that I get is worth every centavo  spent.

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As I aged

I signed up for monthly supply of beauty products for only a few bucks.  I’m automatically charged every month in exchange for beautification of my two then tweenies, now grown-up teens who are more expert than me in this product line.  I am not in anyway obsessed with myself or vain and would rather get home/health magazines but I gave in to their wants.  As I aged,  I would rather  find some home improvement merchandise or  look for    premiertablelinens.com custom gingham tablecloth  than spend money  to something I’m not really passionate about.

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The Road to Lombard




The  road  is  quite steep,  I mean steepest  I’ve ever seen  on our way to Lombard Street. We took another route instead  to get there and  just passed by the crookedest street  in the country.  A lot of tourist were taking photos   but  the parking was even harder as  we  need to go through  vertical parking in  hill and treacherous slope,  so we opted to just enjoy the view and maybe visit the place some other time.  I took this photo as we were about to go downhill.

I’ll see you Lombard, maybe during spring time when flowers are in bloom.



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