Summer is here!

Today is the third day of summer and I can’t wait to go on a vacation for a week. A day off from work is already a luxury for me even a stay at home weekend and relax in a couch with nothing to think about like chores to do. I’ll be off for awhile, I meant a week probably and I’ll blog about our experience and hopefully watch a show in Las Vegas too. For now, let me enjoy this concert on TV with artists who are playing instrument and sounds like allen and heath at and they are so good.  It is just so relaxing and I can’t wait for more hours of real vacation soon.

My Favorite TV Show

One of my favorite hosts is Steve Harvey and watching his game show, Family Feud, helps me forget about the time and just enjoy TV.  Although it is already a re-run, the concept still catch me and wish I could join and win dollars too. I love watching this game show while I’m multi tasking  what I love doing like shopping online at prs guitars and some stores for my little ones fashionable dresses.  Would you believe the show has been released since 1976 and Harvey hosted this from 2010 to present. He’s really very witty  and the show is very entertaining.

Moving Up Ceremony

I see updates about moving up ceremony. In my home country it is the time for school break that is during summer, while for others,  it is time to celebrate for a new chapter of life when you finish college or high school.  Some graduates receive gifts as a reward. It may sound like a grand event if you get a keyboard piano at but others really deserve to have the best gift in the world after years of dedication and hardship. Congratulations, graduates!

What Instrument to Buy

I was contemplating on buying a harp last week but I didn’t have an idea which harp and which key to buy.  I had sift information on the net  and got hooked with the popular choices about this.  I also learned that it  is the oldest maker of harmonica in Germany. I want to give myself a try  which is the choice for playing blues and chords.  I found out from some bloggers who had a passion for  seydel harmonica  that it  sounds great  and plays  loud and strong.  The 1847  was named after the year Christian August Seydel  first started making harmonic

Stay Back!

This is extremely dangerous!  One more step and you find yourself hanging on a cliff.  Take signs  seriously  even if you’re  adventurous because you never know when the nature strikes.   Don’t  dare even if you’re a good swimmer otherwise you gonna slap yourself on a rocky cliff with while crashed by the waves. This is at San Diego Sunset Cliffs  Natural  Park. Stunning! Beautiful but dare not go beyond the sign.