summer, please come later…

my daughter took this picture inside the window of a bus, weeks ago during her trip to baguio..

Flowers in bloom… meyz took this picture and really love flowers, trying to overcome her allergies to pollen.

Manila on its coldest 16 degrees, baguio 6 degrees. In tropical country, this season is the coldest, jan – feb.. In benguet, the weather drop down to 3 degrees, and the vegetable farm is now frost but will not affect the supply yet. I have my long due wish to visit Sagada, I do hope to embrace the 4am temperature there sometime.

The country will have to brace for more cold weather until next month,as per PAGASA. wow, thanks.. were enjoying the cold weather. Our meralco bill drop to only half compare to our last month bill. We’re not using aircon or electric fan anymore. Ooh summer, please come later and for another reason, and i guess, we’re both enjoying, my daughter is no longer being attacked by asthma.

In early morning school, i make sure that my kids are wrapped with jacket.. hhmmmm.. even if nots freeZing, just to make sure they’re protected enough for the unusual season.

Cold season.. we still have a more days to enjoy before 40 degrees of summer comes..

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