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my kids attended wednesday mass this morning at school ground, and so came home with ash in their forehead.. today is ash wednesday. few more weeks for HOly week and summer is almost here..
nothing seems to be different today, other than this–> i prepared something new, its actually tipid snack. I wanna share this 5min preparation just in case you’d like to try.. :p

here it goes..

beat three eggs. heat the frying pan. put a little butter or oil. dip at least 8 slices of bread in beaten egg. simply fry the bread in a pre-heated pan. fry on one side and then turn over to do the other side.<-- this is, of course, a common sense that i just include, :D toast a little, and thats it. presto! you've got a nutritious snack in span of five minutes. :p

I thought of sharing some pic, unfortunately, before i click my camera on todays image, it was all gone, my kids totally love it.. all thats left were two sliced bread and a glass of ice tea. thanks, i still have some for merienda..
hhmmmmnn.. tastes beter when hot. my food presentation wasn’t that good, hehe. but it really tastes better than egg sandwich.. it goes well with ice tea.. i spent only about, less than 50 pesos.. 😀 so tipid!

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