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I stumbled in one TV show that features, “blog awareness”.  As a member of  blogspot, I know the responsibility attached in it. My only purpose in blogging is   to log down my day to day life and have  documented journal later  what  I have done all these years. In a few days time, I’ll be blogging more about being mom and  I’m  just so  excited and loving it. I was thinking  to open a  private journal but it  doesn’t mean I want to spare myself from   being publicized.  There’s nothing to be aware of.  The only reason within is that,   expressing oneself.  “Freedom has no boundaries, but the price of it should be responsibility.”   Maybe, they were discussing about one particular site, the controversial “not so talented Delfin.”  It’s the blogger not the blog  to be aware of.  So, enjoy blogging! =)

Many years back, I was already into blogging  not for the world but only for myself. During idle time in the office, I put down my daily activities and saved in a diskette.  You see, my passion?   I don’t know the capacity of that diskette.  I  forgot. LOL.. (it was 8″ floppy disk, then 3.5″, now a USB flash drive and flash memory card)  Internet is yet to be discovered that time.


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