downside of me

nothing makes me feel miserable or worse than seeing my daughter sick. Jill is sick. im so upset and it makes me feel so sick too. :'( We consulted pediatrician this morning because of some rashes with initial findings, allergy. *sigh*… she’s ok this time. she had a long hours sleep due to some sedative effect of her anti allergy med.. just can’t help but cry and sigh.. i still feel this trauma when jill got sick last year and i need some prayer and help from above to overcome this. It’s still on my mind.. :'(

2 thoughts on “downside of me”

  1. Juan is actually sick today. Last night he vomited no end. We had to change bed sheets a lot of times…clean the room and all. Sabi ko sa isip ko, Lord, ako na lang, wag na ang anak ko. Later, pag may time, I’ll post about it…

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