graduation thoughts

this morning, i attended my daughter’s graduation ceremony. my daughter ranked number 14 out of 574 graduates of batch 09. she received a special award for acceleration where she finished elementary as fast learner for five years. i knew that everything is just a beginning. soon, she’ll enter into a secondary level and my part is to mold her and prepare her for more changes, challenges and demands that will come her way in her studies. my endless journey of being mom will never stop, i know i still have a long long way to go and so she is.

in the program, there was a part wherein the graduates offered their certificates to their parents, with this very touching song, “paano kita pasasalamatan,” i really dont know why tears suddenly came into my eyes and clouded my sight, oh God, No! hide away the tears! i can’t! so emotional again. she hugged and kissed me as i put her the graduation corsage.. what a.. :'(

was it really about 8 years ago when i first enrolled her in nursery? it was like yesterday when we’re in a bookstore picking her favorite coloring book and nursery rhymes. i just can’t believe that this coming school year she’ll be with other teens older than her age.

i am but the proudest mom..

hey my little lady, here’s a rocky road cake for you… hhmmmm, but i hope that it won’t be rocky anymore. listen, accept and face the challenges of life, no matter how rocky it is… 🙂

More on graduation…

the event was covered by GMA. one of her classmate, Isah, (the valedictorian of the class and known as the genius isah) was given an excellent award by GMA Network. here in this photo, the network requested to cover some part during their class session and this was taken after the grad. i just dont know when this will be aired. I actually have the clip but i opt not to post. I was behind the cameraman and took some videos of them.. camera rolling, roll camera, stand by, 5,4,3,2,1.. take 2, take 3… When i put flash on my camera, one crew looked back and wondered where that flash came from. I sensed that i disturbed them, so, I stepped out of the room. i may ask myself, did I? sure!.. 😀

batch 2009 accelerated class – einstein

maizi with classmates.. ver, isah, nina and sam..

Congrats Mai from all of us here!!

4 thoughts on “graduation thoughts”

  1. Wow! what a great great job! ang smart naman ng little teen mo,galingan mo pa ang pag guide sa kanya maybe next time sya na ang bigyan ng award ng GMA,bait naman nila.

    Oo nga ang bilis ng panahon parang kelan lang…kaya nga nag emote din ako nung isang araw sa 4 year old ko…hayyy sana lang maging successful at maging masaya ang mga anak natin pag laki nila…I am proud of your daughter talaga,she deserved a TREAT! hehehe.

  2. Maizi pala ang tamang spelling ni Ate Macy…ay sus, mali ako. tagalang malaki ang nagagawa ng pagbalik tanaw sa mga blog. Top 14, out of almost 600, galing!

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