on being mom

everytime i watch photos of my daughters during younger years, i cant help but sigh.. ten years have passed quickly. my little maizi then is so big now. she was three in this pic.. i missed those toddler times. she can’t be my baby again that crawls and obviously cries for food and milk.. :p

i’ve been a fulltime mom since she was born, but i still feel that the time on being mom wasn’t enough. i was beside her from the first day of her kindergarten years and it was just so hard for me to see her alone without mom in the first day of school.

even if i still want more time to spend on her younger years, i can never turn back time anymore. i still love staring at them while sleeping, like when they’re still my baby. every single moment with them is a treasure.

sigh. i am thankful how God blessed me.

i am sharing some old pix during her kindergarten years. everything is beautiful in mother’s eyes.

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