Yesterday, i chanced up online with my friend and had a real good chat.. hey girl, if you happen to read this, i hope we could chat longer next time. . Want to visit foreign land yet sweet home to her maybe later. I actually thought about it overnight. I cannot book ticket since I don’t have concrete plan yet. and yeah, I need a quick decision to avail the lowest rate. To help me decide, my sister said she’ll look after my kids, aaaaahh, contemplating.. let me think it over again.

I promised a lengthy vacation for my kids. My sisters were all waiting for us. We planned earlier to spend a day or two with my two sisters in Cavite, before heading home in Batangas.

I really want to, but what is this? We’re still home in Manila for a real important reason.

Last night, we watched the movie “Ten Commandments.” Despite the lengthy running time, “about 4 hours,” that was finished around 2am, we eagerly watched the movie to the end. Well, the kids fully understand now the story of Moises’ life and the Ten Commandments.

Today, i just finished attending to my little Magic. The lucky and spoiled Magic. An addition to family and he is much loved. After giving him a terrific bath, feeding hi-pro food, milk and vitamins, he’s now in his soft bed for a nap. I’m a real good mom, right? 🙂

Now, my kids are still sleeping, and im in front of computer pressing the keyboard for this blog.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday… Happy Easter to all!!

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