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We’re supposed to spend our weekend in my sister’s house but it didn’t push through for some reason.. my busy sister with her homework, the weather yesterday with some lightning and thunder, a little rain, and of course unplanned Sunday. We decided to reset our get-together. It’s alright, everybody is not in the mood anyway. We just want this summer vacation a worthy time for us, for when school days open, it will be a busy day again, not only for my kids but also for mom like me.

Watching TV occupies most of our time at home. It’s a bonding time for us. But watching TV with my younger daughter is like watching show with commentator beside you. You wouldn’t fully understand what the show is all about because she keeps on giving opinion and does much of the talking more than the show. In one episode of Mel & Joey this evening, most traveled woman was featured. She has traveled 87 countries and she is 86 years old. My daughter reacted then. There are only two countries that she wanted to visit. Greece and Brazil. Brazil, because she wants chocolates, that’s her reason. Well, fine, only for chocolate. She didn’t elaborate about Greece. I didn’t ask why, for it will be another long story again, so I keep quiet. I wanted to concentrate on TV first, it was a nice episode. This old woman being featured on the show really amazed me. She has traveled the world and has learned the culture of every country she has been visited. I hope someday, I can travel too. Another wishful thinking. 🙂

Switching to another TV channel during commercial break, we watched this ad for Pinoy Dream Academy. Again my little darling voiced out, “I hope I can audition too when I reach the age of 15.” WHAT? Hey little baby, you’re not that serious, are you? do you have that talent in singing? I never know she had this love for music. Oooh.. she must be kidding when she said that. 🙂

I have no image for today to share. Too lazy to take a picture. But I went online for this few minutes of writing. I hope everyone had a blessed, happy and peaceful weekend! Good night!

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