the week that was

I’m feeling a little sick now. I can’t blog much of our vacation. First, the picture on which I have to post for our everyday things, including todays image were unintentionally deleted from my camera.

Last Sunday, my niece, Baby Issy was baptized. She is 8 months old and with superficial resemblance with my bro in one of the pictures that I took. I was supposed to share pictures with my brother who was not around for his little darlings christening. I captured every details of the event but I was totally dismayed when I found out that no images were left in my camera after uploading in an infected computer. I was unaware of the condition of pc. I’ve called my brother and informed him what had happened. I felt so sorry. Sigh. My heart cried that moment.

It wasn’t actually hot summer. It rained almost half of the week. The kids really enjoyed playing badminton in the afternoon and also playing in the rain and kissing the raindrops at summertime. They can’t have that in Manila, when there is a little rain, heavy flood follows. Those photos that I have captured were also included in deleted folder of my camera. 🙁

Nothing to share/update much since the images were gone. It was all in my memory but I can’t ask any photoshop how/whatever technology/software to use to print them and connect the usb straight from my memory. Would it be possible? Just a wishful thinking. 🙂

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