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What’s in the hot news today? Why are my kids scared of this swine flu? My kids are so much aware about of this virus. My little daughter is browsing the web and do a little research about this virus. She even asked me not to cook pork because virus might be transfered through meat. Really? but I watched the news and it clearly says it can’t easily be transfered through meat.

I have images for today. When I don’t feel writing to long, I do it through todays image.

Here in Manila, ice cream is one of favorites during summer.. This is not the magnolia, selecta or nestle ice cream. We call this “dirty ice cream” and why dirty? Here’s a little trivia.

“Sorbetes” is a Filipino version for common ice cream usually peddled from carts that roam streets in the Philippines. This should not be confused with the known sorbet. It is also commonly called ‘dirty ice cream’ because it is sold along the streets exposing it to pollution and that the factory where it comes from is usually unknown; though it is not really “dirty” as the name implies. It is usually served with small wafer or sugar cones and recently, bread buns.

You can see through their eyes how they love dirty ice cream..:) Summertime but hair seems to be blown away by summer wind.. 🙂 Sorry for the photograph. This is one-take click photograph.

More of todays..
I cooked pork for lunch, and you guess, my little daughter did not eat it. Instead she ate the leftover chicken adobo last night, maybe because of swine flu?

Into food trip today. My older daughter doesn’t care much about that news. So we both have a full lunch.. 🙂
Fried pork chop and pancit canton..

Need not share my recipe since this is pinoy canton and everybody knows cooking method of this “famoso de cantones de pinoy”.. but I have a secret ingredient for this. I also use oyster sauce instead of soy sauce. Here’s something for you I wanna share, just for a food trip..

I’m counting the calories…
I exceed my calorie limit for the day. 🙁

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  1. hi, betchay and grace, yah, try my sinigang too, you’ll love it.. and other pinoy delicacies. my husband misses this pinoy food too especially longaniza. but i’m sure you’re enjoying western food now..

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