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I’m into food trip right now. This is our dinner last night. You guess what lechon is this. Hmmm well, this is Andoks Chicken Lechon. I prefer this than Baliwags but when it comes to liempo, lechon from Baliwag tastes better. (I should get paid for this..:) So when I feel lazy and have no idea what to cook, I just go to the nearest lechon house, which is few meters away, so there a full dinner for us.

Another food trip…. inihaw na liempo the other day. I gained few pounds since I started eating pork again.
And here is our lunch/merienda for today. I went to supermarket yesterday and I saw a new product from Del Monte, A Beef & Mushroom Pasta Sauce. I added this item in my cart to try this new sauce. My kids are craving for pasta so I cooked this for their lunch and merienda. I will not share the recipe anymore, since I cooked this by just mixing all the ingredients with the same method of cooking spaghetti.
I’m not really good at food photography, but this is the only subject of my passion right now. The food is ready, have lunch with me. 🙂

12 thoughts on “food trip”

  1. Amy, Celebrating? I think i knew it. You received payment for PPP. Yehey, galing! wish you more opps to come very soon.. 🙂

    yah, i read it. it’s a warning for all of us. great campaign!

  2. Hello,wow ang sarap ng unang bungad dito sa blog mo! as in yummy…gutom pa naman ako right now kaka uwi lang galing work,I like the liempo ka takam.

    Anyway,yes I am working in the YOU tag na nung wednesday pa kaso diko ma tapos tapos kase nga kulang talaga ang oras ko,I like very much the content of the tag specially the way you describe my self,ahhh your so sweet,thanks sa tag ha? dont worry ma tatapos ko din yon hehehe.

  3. >G.O.D. Eat all you can guys, i will prepare more food for you next time.. 🙂

    >Betchay, Thanks and you're working on the tag na pala.. Back to work ka na? bilis lang isang araw na off ah. Basta you're enjoying everything, magiging magaan ang lahat. Come back for more food.. hehe.. 🙂

  4. >Dhemz, Ooh, if it's only possible, I'll share it with you.. for now, a virtual food trip.. come back for more.. 🙂

  5. redlan, actually paubos na yan, binalik-balikan nila kasi di ako nag-update ng blogs kaya nagfood trip na lang sila.. 🙂

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