Lately, I’ve been somewhat sullen updating my post. I just don’t know sometimes, I’m too moody to write even if I have on my mind what to blog. I opened lots of account to make money here but only until activation of account. The only sure thing about myself is, I love blogging and visiting all your blogs. Tomorrow, I’ll be busy here around the house. I need to repaint (just a little repaint) the room all by myself. All boys things are now on my shoes. When my TV set was broke last week, I’ve got nothing to do but leave it broken. I just moved one TV from another room so we can have one to watch in our sala. Until today, it was still unrepaired. Tomorrow is my scheduled date of cleaning my aquarium, also for my pet lovebirds. We’ll also visit vet clinic for my Magic. A male shih tzu. My day will be occupied by my pets and the house but I’ll blog maybe later at night. I love to see you visiting my blog and dropping a line in my chatbox. Your visit surely will cheer up my day. 🙂

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