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Just a month before classes open, I have already prepared school materials, if not everything, at least the priority lists were already on my hand. I have already bought the books needed for my older daughter. These will help her connect and refresh the past lessons and as preparation for coming school year. Ever since in her younger years, buying books for my older daughter is my way of rewarding her in every little achievement in her life. She started reading in her early age with all Disney Books and other colorful ones and that helped her to become interested in reading stories.

Now that her world is busy with technology and internet, she’s still into reading informative articles.

She totally loves books. It was her idea to buy books at this time of summer vacation. It’s tremendously rewarding for me to know that reading for her is more of a habit and less as form of studying.

Instill good reading habit at an early age and let the children discover the fun and enjoyment of reading. That habit will continue to adulthood and you’ll see the benefits not only they will become smarter but will increase and improve their vocabulary, sharpen their mind and trigger imagination on every books that they read. I’ll write a separate post later about tips on how reading will become a habit at an early age.

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  1. i totally agree with u that children should realize how enjoyable it is to read books than playing gadgets the whole day..nice post! keep it up!

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