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Manny Pacquiao will return home on Friday, that will be tomorrow. Malacanang earlier asked Team Pacquiao to delay the flight and have themselves quarantined because everybody coming from abroad especially from the country where there’s a confirmed H1N1 cases are considered suspects of this virus. Overacting move or precautionary measures? Were all travelers coming from California being quarantined too? Epidemiology Researche have detected about these viruses but how long and who actually died of this H1N1? Maybe other victims died then without us knowing about the cause of sudden death and it could be H1N1. Were these viruses already around the globe long before? Then, what we all need now is to give extra care but not to over react about this. Let us all give a hero’s welcome to Manny Pacquiao on returning home. Health Secretary justified to have Team Pacquiao quarantined themselves. But let the people express their excitement to see him and celebrate this victory. I hope that all Filipinos who are waiting for Pacman are still that eager if motorcade will be delayed till next week or after ten days of quarantine. A delayed reaction of Filipinos await maybe. If motorcade will be held tomorrow, then keep a safe distance.

Hatton could have won had he kept safe distance throughout the fight. Few more rounds closer, he could have died. Keep a safe distance next time.

I’ll wait for Pacman’s motorcade on TV via satellite, that will be safe enough for me. 🙂 Kudos for our new hero!

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