One Lovely Blog Award

Wow, another award from Amiable Amy I am too excited for this award. I have five awards in a row. If this award needs to go up on stage, I’ll be so tired right now accepting awards going back on stage every now and then. And if I am to make speech, I will be teary eyed again. All the awards that I have received is more than a Pulitzers for me. So thank you so much Amy. I treasure this even though I feel like I am over rated. As you all see I am being awarded as One Lovely Blog Award that puts my blog in blogworld as a grand slam awardee. 🙂 My blogsite is all green and this award makes me feel so girly.. 🙂

4 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. hhehehe…thanks for posting….i appreciate it…

    i need to share my blessings…sana ay pera sa awards and tags noh? hahaha

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