Thanks to Amy, my new found friend in blogosphere. Thanks also for visiting me always. I really appreciate all the footprints that you left and fingerprints that you marked in my blogs. All your comments are greatly appreciated too. As I read your YOU post, I got to know why your friends love you so much. Keep up the good writings.

Visit her other site too, my favorite baby blog, Beyond Photography it really is a nice blog. But I think this blog has already boomed in just few days. I love photography too, I just don’t have the subject. ( lmao)

I may say again, that this entry will be published with “to be continued” status since I’m still waiting and thinking about more YOU’s to be posted.


1. Write anything about 15 people/blogger you know.
2. Don’t mention the names of these people/blogger you are referring to.
3. If someone would ask who are these people, don’t tell them.
4. Tag 15 people but don’t include the person you included in your post.


  1. You are a true journalist by heart and mind. Though you love to put everything in writings, I was the one who encouraged you to open a blogsite. You were a contributor in your school publications in college, and published a lot of good articles. But now, you’re too busy to blogs. You’re now working in publishing as senior editor yet you have only one entry published in your blog. You are not a scriptwriter and I wondered why you posted a script there. But I love it, and I still remember those conversations between you and your little one. You always read my blog and asked me to edit my post for wrong grammatical construction but I don’t care about it at all. LOL .
  2. You are extraordinary. I wonder how you maintain three blogs. You love commenting on my posts, and you never really know how those comments made my day. You put a big smile on me everytime I open my blogsite with your comments on it. I was even surprised when you followed my other blog. Thanks for the sweet thoughts and also for offering help for newbie like me. Expect me as your regular visitor and commentor in your blog. I read one of your old post that you open your pc first before doing your morning routine. You felt so broke when you found out one morning that your pc wont start and your day was totally affected. You have a good heart and you raise amount to be donated for a certain school. You are a certified Bloggista, knowing you spend your whole day into blogging.
  3. You are superwoman as I have tagged you. I want to paint a superwoman but i don’t know how it will look like to be a mother, a wife, a fulltime worker , a fulltime blogger at the same time. You followed my blogs and I appreciated it so much to see someone followed it after I opened blogspot this year. I was unaware of blogworld until you link me in your site and got to know more in blogosphere. The first post I have read from you is your embassy experience and I commented on that post knowing the whole process that we experienced too. I hope by now that you already memorized everything needed for a tough job.
  4. YOU are so blessed to have a pretty little munchkin and a loving husband. I love to comment in all your post especially about silly moment. I really love those cute photos of your little girl. I still remember how you felt when your pc was broke. You are really blessed and a pretty mom.
  5. You are a mom of rosy cheeky princess. You are married to an englishman and I love visiting your blog hoping to get to know you more through your post. Thanks for visiting my blog too. I really appreciate it even a simple hellos.
  6. You visited my blogs frequently though you’re not active in blogs. When you visited my house few days ago, you even forgot your password and asked me to open my blogs so you can read my entries. Hahaha. That was hilarious. lmao. Thanks for a very nice present for my daughter.
  7. You are my number one loyal reader and you believe in my writings. I told you that I am not confident with my grammar and you said it only needs a little polishing. LOL. You’ll be heading Nevada tomorrow and I wish you a happy and safe trip. I was surprised few days ago when you e-mailed me about leaving Manila to become a fullpledge nurse there. I will miss you but you said we’ll chat more when you get there in US while still waiting for a job. You were at first undecided to leave because you were thinking about your husband. You are so thoughtful and so sweet.

posted. to be continued.. 🙂
I still need 8 more YOU’s to complete the post.

Now, I am passing the tag to:

I am passing this tag to you. I hope you’ll enjoy this tag as much as I do. You can express anything to 15 bloggers that you know. Please don’t break the above rules. Rule 1 to 4. You deserve this YOU tag. It will take few more days for me before I finish the post. I will complete the post in time. 🙂 Happy Posting.:)

4 thoughts on “YOU”

  1. Wheww.hahaha…i think tatlo dito alam ko kung sino LOL! Oh I am floating in the air right now that you take time to post this tag. Thanks a lot. After reading the tag, I have a jaw-dropping moment.HAHAHA. You are so awesome my friend. Thanks. I added your other blog and this one too. The photoblog, I can’t open the URL. Don’t know why.

  2. >oh thanks amy. really? you knew the three of them? I thought I made it too hard to guess..HAHA. I have fun too in making this tag, I have no enough followers to write, haha, while my other followers are still getting to know status..haha.

    If I write all of my followers in my YOU post, whom will I pass the tag? haha

    Photografia is still under construction. i will post na lang some photos in that blog in my pinoy site 🙂

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