Michael Jackson dies at 50

I woke up this morning with this sad news. Tonight, I’m still digesting the news that MJ is really dead. This video and lyrics is the Earth Song of Michael Jackson. Most Successful Entertainer of All Time. A legend.

Generation to generation hits. My kids love most of his song, specially Billie Jean and Thriller. I told them about the King of Pop just about few weeks before his death and so the news came to them as a surprise. My friend also who is a fanatic MJ is surely mourning today over MJ’s death. CD’s and DVD’s are now sold out in all music store. RIP.

5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson dies at 50”

  1. I love that song.. Karamihan sa mga sumikat na kanta nya, nagustuhan ko.

    Sayang nag't di natuloy yung reunion concert nila sa London..

    MJ is truly a legend.. Walang makakapantay dun. May he rest in peace.

  2. i was sad too…i tried to write a blog post about MJ but, d ko matapos eh…affected kaya 🙂

    hmmmm…i posted 2 short ones…

    i hope he will rest in peace

  3. ako din sad, kasi i grew up singing his songs! I'm busy nga watching videos and news about him e. Life is just so short. God bless!

  4. Nasense mo na pala na meron big news about kay MJackson? Mananatiling magandang alaala ang mga kanta niya.

  5. Reply to:

    Dylan, sayang nga at di natuloy comeback concert niya. Gone too soon.. RIP.

    Amy, naapektuhan ako about his death kasi. kahit pa very kontrobersyal siya. I want to remember him as great musician at lahat ng maganda na-contribute niya not only in music industry kundi pati sa africans at ibang natulungan niya.

    Beth, yah, my kids nga nakatutok. na-amazed sila about MJ. Na-sad din about sudden death. May he rest in peace.

    Redlan, me mga ganong chances nga talaga nauunahan natin mangyayari. nagulat sila talaga. Although love na nila before pa songs of MJ because of Charice doing moonwalk and singing Billie Jean. They keep on watching music channel now and was amazed how MJ became a legend.

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