are you an ice cream monster?

Ice cream is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, combined with fruits or other ingredients. In other countries, ice cream is called frozen custard, yogurt, sorbet, gelato.

There are varieties of ice cream in the Philippines. These are special ice cream too, malunggay, ampalaya, with other herbal flavoring and fried ice cream. I’ve tasted the fried one already. The taste has no difference, it was just fried. Ice cream in soda, or Mcfloat. List of favorites in the Philippines are Selecta and Nestle Ice Cream. Magnolia is still the best for me since i have tasted their authentic mouthwatering flavor. Also, it was unforgetable for me to have an ice cream galore right inside Magnolia ice cream plant many years ago. I was even called monster being a regular customer in an ice cream parlor in then Greenbelt, now Glorietta.

My daughter is an ice cream monster too, see..

are you excited? or just can’t explain the feeling..

cookies and cream



raspberry ice cream

dirty ice cream or sorbetes.

ice cream is best if shared with loved ones..

Ice cream is still my daughters favorite even during rainy season. They’re craving for an ice cream right now. I blog this. I can’t go anywhere else, it’s raining very hard outside, in fact, classes were suspended. No dirty ice cream or selecta music around the street. All I did the whole day is sip a cup of hot coffee, cup after every cup. How I wish I have an ice cream float right now topped in my coffee. 🙂

14 thoughts on “are you an ice cream monster?”

  1. oh my..we love ice cream as well…kakabili ko lang ng halo-halo flavor sa filipino store…so hot na kasi dito…kaya ice cream time na…hehehe..kahit naman d summer dito…kain parin kami ng ice cream….:)

    love all the pics…Mami Nuts…thanks for sharing…:) na miss ko yung ice cream sa kanto…:) mas masrap kasi yon…hehehe!

  2. dhemz, hi thanks din for visiting me.. summer na pla dyan, dito tag-ulan na. pero ice cream pa din..

    pag nag bakasyon kayo pinas, dami dito flavor, langka, melon, ube.. :)come back for more dessert ha..:)

  3. chocolate flavor.. i love to eat ice cream pero minimize ko na ngaun nag papataba daw e..cute cute ng baby u nuts.. how's i wish someday maka anak na rin ako.

  4. Nuts,

    I am an ice cream dinosaur! Haha. I eat ice cream almost everyday. That is why I always have tonsilitis. Sa sobrang lamig. And Ice cream is best with nuts. natry mo na ba? By the way, gandang ganda ako sa kids mo. You are so lucky to have them. ^o^

    Red: kakatawa ka! tirhan mo naman ako! yumyum! rocky road akin! Kung walang budget pang araw araw yung jelly tounge solve na ako. Haha

  5. nen, ice cream dinosaur? (surprise) yah, best with any toppings, nuts, banana…

    naku, si redlan, lahat. me magpapa-ice cream mamaya, si dong. 🙂

  6. yes kahit tag ulan kung gusto kong kumain. hindi ako ang tipo ng tao na giniginaw kaht tag ulan. hindi ako gumagamit ng kumot kahit tag ulan

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