good morning sunshine!

I am having coffee right now and refreshed even though I only had few hours sleep last night. This is not my usual post about parenting but just to update a little about me today. I just found out that all my mornings were occupied for my pets. Today, I just gave Magic a bath, feed my fish and lovebirds too. I slept very late last night. I watched i-witness with this special feature Pac-Mom. I never expected Nanay Dionisia being featured in that documentary show..

Will update later tonight. Writing this short post for morning greetings. Wonderful Tuesday morning everyone!!

5 thoughts on “good morning sunshine!”

  1. hello te, salamat po sa dlaw,..buti pa kayo naka pagkape…dito mga 8am mainit na…hahhaha….during winter lang akong nag mocha dito…musta pala weather jan?

    woi dami mo pala pets…:)

  2. Reply to:

    dhemz, thanks. mainit din dito pero masarap pa din ang kape. yes, i have pets at madalas nauubos oras ko sa umaga.

    nen, talaga? kagulat gulat ba for i-witness?

    dong, the episode made it for a new combi word, pac-mom!

  3. Oyy may love birds ka pala? Gusto ko alagaan yan. Pag mag retire na…wala time eh.
    Good to know that. Gusto ko din fish. Dogie, ayaw ng mother ko , so, d pwede.

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