For The Love of Perfume

I love perfume and and it gives me a special feeling whenever I start smelling my favorite scent. I have colognes and other signature perfume that I started collecting back then. At any occasion, I often receive perfume as a gift. Channel as one of my favorite too. The smell is classic and overpowering. It refreshes me leaving a very relaxing feeling too. I love wearing perfume even when I’m home in my holed shirt. I don’t care much how I look. I give more details with my scent.

12 thoughts on “For The Love of Perfume”

  1. Kung perfume ang pag uusapan, one of my faves are guess and tommy.. may ilan din na pang lalake.. hugo.

    pero walang tatalo sa lacoste.. pero wala akong collection ng mga yan..hehe ;b

  2. I am so naive with perfumes because I don't have any. Di ako mahilig sa ganyan. So far wala naman nagtatakip ng ilong sa lahat ng mga nakatabi ko. hahaha.

    had smelled Chanel. my cousin from UK used to have that perfume as pasalubong to Mama. I agree. It smells classic but overpowering.

    Hmnn naisip ko magtry using perfume. One of these days I'll go the mall and check. hehehe.

  3. Ako mahilig rin. iba kasi ang feeling, parang it gives confidence to me. cologne lang ako for everyday use. At ma-smell mo ang bango mo kapag everyday paiba iba ang perfume na ginagamit mo. Kapag isa lang kasi na immune na ang sense of smell mo pero of course mabango ka pa rin. Speaking of perfume, kakabad trip kanina kasi yung lbc hindi tumatanggap ng cologne or liquid sa package. kala ko kasi bote lang ang hindi pwede. tsk, tsk.

  4. Reply to:

    dylan, i love cool water too. especially pag mainit ang panahon. nakaka-refresh ang scent niya.

    kris, yah, summer scents are in. nice pick of perfume. 🙂

    nen, actually depende sa mood ko ang perfume. ung glamourous by Ralph Lauren din is one of my fave before. napapanahon din. yes nen, try mo lang, me dis at advantage nga lang, dadami suitors mo and at same time stalkers too 🙂

    redlan, ganda point din when you're wearing a perfume. sometimes better din if you use only one perfume kasi ma-remember ka with your usual smell. ganon? di pala pwede sa lbc un?

  5. i havent tried chanel. maciadong pricey yan. haha my favorite is Lanvin Eclat d Arpege. gusto ko din yung Gap Dream pag taghirap mode. 😀

  6. Meryl, yes, try other scents. Just choose the scent that exactly matches your mood. or how your body will react on it.

    Chyng, quite pricey if you buy it here in the Philippines.. Victoria Secret Perfume rocks me too. I really love perfume..

  7. i love perfume.. but i prefer cologne.. smell baby daw.hehehe..jokes.. sana my maligaw na magbigay sa akin ng perfume gurl…ingatz

    ps.. i enjoy reading your write up gurl! sana soon maka update na rin ako.. bz pa gd ang life..

  8. bebskie, sometimes gusto ko rin cologne.. depende rin siguro sa mood ko. kahit dito lang house when i'm in the mood, still wearing perfume. take time to relax bebskie. you deserve it.

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