rainy days and saturdays

So how do you spend saturdays and rainy days?

It’s been raining for almost a week now. It’s a blessing for many. I think it’s more of relaxing time for me. Enough reason to stay home the whole day. Who says you can’t do anything on rainy days. Let me blog this..

i can’t go to mall, i’m afraid of swine flu. my daughters school defer opening of classes to June 15 due to a1h1 virus.

i have enough tv babad time with my bebe.

i can even play with magic.

my sister with her family was here today. i cooked sinigang for lunch. it was a full meal actually. another pounds added on my weight. my favorite meal on rainy days, perfect with patis and sili.

for snack. i have lots of this. so nuts

hot coffee, cup after every cup. perfect for rainy days with nuts go nuts.

I still have bad connection, but i’ll try to post this entry.
Slow connect, good thing i’m able to open this site.
See you there. 🙂

18 thoughts on “rainy days and saturdays”

  1. Oh how I love rainy days on Saturdays. Yours is a blast! Nagutom ako sa sinigang. Looks so yumyum. And matching coffee and donuts for snack. Sarap! And cherry top of them all, PLURK. We did the same thing today. Happy weekend nuts! (hugs)

  2. actually, i post this in a rush.
    i felt like i had a race to finish because of this bad connection. good thing, I get to open that cherry toppings. 🙂 happy weekend dear.. *hugs*

  3. kala ko kaw yung nakabangs sa first photo. hehe. ayan ang princesa sa bahay. mukhang nagtatampo si magic ah. masaya kapag maraming pagkain kahit tag ulan.

    ayan ang plurk di mawawala. hehehe

  4. hahaha. i have no photo with facemask and that image is from the web. thanks to mr. google. 🙂

    parang ikaw ung nasa timeline sa last pic. 🙂

  5. I popped over here from another blog and really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I will try to get back here in the near future. You make me smile.

  6. oh wow! how i wish na satuday wala akong pasok. my free day is only sunday. i love to cook but i dunno how to cook.. i cook pero yon ako lang ang kakain.. baka kasi di okey ang lasa.. coffee? addict ako sa coffee.. 3x a day ako ga coffee.. i love donutz.happy weekend nuts..

  7. bebs, adik gid san coffee. bisan dili mag-kaon basta mag coffee.. permi la kape ga hapon. haha.. natutunan ko yan ke nen at red. happy weekend babes.. 🙂

  8. talagang kasama ang plurk. hehehe… kaya kahapon i stayed at home the whole time. the h1n1 virus is makes people paranoid. including me.

  9. dong, i'm overly paranoid with the virus, still thinking right now on how long can i stand to this, i mean of being quarantined now at home.

  10. Waaa…very interesting!Eat and eat and eat….my kind of activity.LOL! Post the recipe of your sinigang ha? Na miss ko tuloy yan. By the way, yap, there are gators in that bayou. When I arrived in Florida, the waters are not safe. Gators are everywhere. I will take pictures next time in this park with gators.

  11. Amy, talaga? na-shock ako don ng sinabi mo me gators.. safe naman din siguro kaya, enjoy pa rin sila. 🙂

    I'm always excited to see photographs in your site. I would love to see that gators, but hey keep a safe distance. I'll zoom-in na lang and click the photos in your post.

  12. i heard start of classes are postponed, again, to june 22 due to the virus. too bad we don't have those extended vacations here in cebu. 😉

  13. raine, I am not sure if june 22 opening will be for selected school only with a1h1 confirmed cases. Goodluck! 🙂

  14. hello te…oh my…dito havent seen people wearing mask…parang wala na ata sa news dito ang swine flu…nako wag naman sana…:) well it is safer to have protection…:)

    wow sarap naman ng DD…dito d kasarapan ang DD..masa masarap satin eh…fave ko yung bavarian flave….namit….hehehe!

    sinigang naman…drooling lang ako dito…hehehe…hope your internet will get better soon…:)

    salamat po pla sa dalaw!

  15. Dhemz, mabuti at virus free ata naman dyan. sometimes, its the news that blew up the situation.

    yes, thats my favorite donut, masarap sa kapeng mainit..hehe

    also sinigang, come back for more food here. eat all you can.. im still encountering bad connection from time to time.

    my pleasure dhemz..

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