i won the contest!!!

I am sooo blessed today. I won! Whoa! I just can’t believe it! Blessings keep on pouring. Last week, I joined the contest in Eskapo Blog, and that’s sharing most memorable roadtrip. When I submitted my entry, I never thought of winning since my co-blogger also had their own memorable roadtrips to share. But I made it! You can see my most memorable roadtrip entry right HERE. Thanks all, to Eskapo and ROAM Magazine.

12 thoughts on “i won the contest!!!”

  1. congrats nuts!!! 🙂 i hope that'll inspire you to make more roadtrips. 🙂 sana dong will have more contests too. see you at plurk. mwah!

  2. Reply to:

    homer, haha. oh my, i can/t believe, where are my fans then.. 🙂

    reena, thanks reena. sana nga me contest, sali ulit. ang saya! 🙂

  3. hindi ako nanalo. tsk tsk. kakasad. pero congrats at least nagkatotoo yung panaginip ko na nanalo ka. yung ako ang nanalo hindi. swerte mo

  4. woi te, bongga….congrats! you deserve the prizes….woi baka swerte yung sinabi mo na feung sui sa blog mo….:)

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