Mommy Moment "first step"

Today is Friday. For some, it is TGIF. For mom blogger, it is a Mommy Moment day and today’s theme is “first step.”

Since I have older kids and their first step or milestone is not available right now, my entry for mommy moment today will be a big major first step of my older daughter.

As a mom, we always want to be there in our children to guide them and be with them 24/7.This was the first time that my daughter had to be away for three days all alone without mom and this was during grade school. I consider this as one big step as a mom conquering fear and trusting God in our life and for my daughter taking independency and responsibility out of being alone.
Youth Congress held in Baguio wherein my daughter actively participated.
The event gave her the chance of budgeting her own allowance for three days. On the first day of the congress, she already bought sunglasses, a hat and pasalubong. She wasn’t that excited, huh.

I can’t help but missed her a lot for three days. Although I’ve been calling her from time to time, still I was counting every minute for her to be home. When I fetched her from the trip, she was really very excited to share her experience in the congress.

To let her learn sense of independency and responsibility is one big step in my life, and I guess her first major step too.

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  1. hahhaha…sa kaka excite te napadami yung nabili nya….joke! that is good…it was a big step indeed for her to learn and to be independent….my gosh, 3 days is long…am sure nakakamiss yon…hehehe!

    thanks for sharing yours Te….pass ako this time…:)

  2. I know how you feel Mommy. My daughter is in HS and I want to be with her always but I also want to teach her independence.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you can drop by my entry here.

  3. astig na bata, dahil sa astig na mom..

    naku kung ibang possesive na mother, malamang sasama sa camp na yan. hahaha…



  4. wow…thatΒ΄s nice…ang hirap para sa isang youngster ang magbudget specially with all the pressures around.

    thanks for dropping by my site…

  5. It's good to know that your child is actively participating in Youth Congress. It's a nice experience to learn more and gain more friends.

  6. iba talaga pag Mommy lalo na pag ang anak will learn to be independent, iba na ang level ng pagiging Mommy, di ba Mommy?
    God bless Mommy!

  7. I have yet to experience the same with my daughter. Hindi ko yata maimagine kapag malayo siya. Congrats to your daughter for being an independent young lady. πŸ™‚

  8. yami, it took a lot of courage for me to decide for her to go alone. but since decided tlaga siya, kaya i let her go. mahirap, the feeling of being 6hours away is really hard for a mom like me. pero alam mo yung feeling na, wow, nakaya niya talga, yun ang masarap.

  9. reply to:

    >nels bebi, it makes me a real proud momma.

    >dhemz, yah, three days is such a long long day for a mom na wala sa tabi anak niya. but i made it! kelangan lang talaga lakas ngloob.. πŸ™‚

    >sassy mom, i want her to become independent, one thing is, decided siya to go alone talaga.

    >the lady in green ruffles, thanks, im sure kahit hindi moms makarelate here. it is hard to be away with your love ones even for a moment.

    >shynrd, akala ko possesive mom na nga ako. kasi it was the first time talaga mawalay siya sa skin. kelangan lang talaga prayers for enough courage.

    >genejosh, thanks.. nice experience talaga

    >annaville, naranasan niya magbudget for a while..

    >mark, yah so proud.. πŸ™‚

    >bebskie, yah, thanks.. someday i hope you join MM too..

    >chubskulit, thanks. i saw your entry, it was really great.

    >karen, as much a possible, i really wanted her to be involved with this kind of activity.

    >sarah, yes, God bless all moms and our little ones. sense of independency ang kelangan nila matutunan.

  10. so cute talaga ng beby mo mare!!!!at eto nga madali lang mag comment….dadalasan ko to…wala ako bago blog pagod ako today e…

  11. ganun yata po talaga.. time will come, they will to do their own thing (without us), part of growing up.. kaya i cherish every moment talaga with my baby kasi ang mabilis daw sila lumaki..
    May dalagita na po pala kayo.. years from now, meron na aakyat ng ligaw sa kanya. Goodluck po and God bless

  12. it takes courage and bravery to let our kids go to their own activities without us. it teaches them independence. congratulations!

  13. reply to:

    >atty, take enough rest mare..

    >momma bams, we need to cherish talaga every single moment while they are still baby. time flies so fast talaga.

    hazel, yah, enough courage of a mom hazel.

  14. I know how you feel.My eldest is in her first year in University & she's apart from us now 'though it's really hard for me to be apart from her,we have to face the fact that it's for her own bright future.
    You have a lovely daughter indeed.
    Btw,thank you so much for droppin' some line as you go.Gonna add you too into my list.Happy weekend!:)

  15. I understand how you feel but she's in God care. Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. I'm a Malaysian but I love your language though I don't understand. I do know a few words which I learn from movie..hehe.. Happy weekend and Blessings!

  16. Nuts! you have a dalagita na! πŸ™‚ it's not just a baby step, but a big step for you both. my mom still misses us when we're not at home on long days, and we're already young adults! Haha…sweet…

  17. >Seiko, yah, its hard indeed. but its for their own good.

    >beyond motherhood, thanks also. will drop by from time to time.

    >reena, yes, but i think she will always be my baby.. πŸ™‚

  18. hihhi. i used to attend youth congress as well in the same city!

    Congratulations to your pretty daughter….and thank you so much for the visit. till next MM!

  19. your daughter looks very nice…. i don't want to think about my baby's independence yet hahaha i want to baby her more looks like you've so much wisdom for new parent like me πŸ™‚ i'll follow your blog πŸ™‚
    well done on your teaching her. *i was born in baguio but left after the controversial earthquake*

  20. ito yata ang panahon na hindi ko maatim antayin haha.. parang nakakatakot na pabayaan mag isa ang mga bata no.. ngayon pa nga lang pag inabot na ako mahigit sampung oras na wala sa bahay para na akong mababliw hehe

    pero syempre nga paano naman sila matuto kung hindi natin sila papabayaan

    pero three days?!? WAAH TAGAL nun!

    Make or Break

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