mommy moments “playing time”

Today is Friday and I’m joining again mommy moment with theme “playing time.” Having playtime is an important component of child’s mental and physical development. This also helps develop special skills and creative thinking. While of course, an outdoor playtime with kids are very important for them to develop their social skills too.

Involve ourselves with our kids. This photo is an indoor playtime, since this is the only available photograph stored online. Let our children play and let them spend time to just be kids, and have fun. Let them roam free, be an outdoor or indoor playtime.

I just added these old pictures, maybe a little late for posting.

12 thoughts on “mommymoments”

  1. wow, ang ganda naman ng dollhouse! kakainggit i want that one too…or maybe when i have a daughter of my own na. (lol)

  2. Ohh she got that dollhouse too? Kalalaro lang namin ng niece ko dito. That is really fun to play.

    Nandito na naman ako. Was so busy this week. I am free up to Wednesday, so I can update and blog hop everyday now. Reading your posts here.

    I updated my blogs today. I have reasons bakit ako busy hehehe. salamat sa patience. Babawi nko ngayon.

  3. I totally agree with you te…it is an important component of child's mental and physical development indeed.

    thanks for sharing…I love her dollhouse…very cool!

  4. yes mommy a mother u need to give time to our children a time. to be close w/them.. more power to your family!

  5. wow nice doll house… can't wait till my baby girl is old enough to play doll house and dolls so i can play with her 🙂 *miss playing those when i was a child*
    blog hopping mommyrache

  6. wow the doll house as really nice, pag lumabas na baby girl ko at lumaki na bibili din ako nyan hehe…

    naku syang naman at di ka nakapunta..

    about sa EC< I will post an article on how to maximize and use the ec credit.. pag nag ka time na ako hehe

    Make or Break

  7. reply to:

    pehpot, sayang nga. i missed that event, sana me next pa so i can meet mommy bloggers too. thanks, i'll wait for your EC article.

    redlan, thanks red, yes, we do play together, di ko nalang ni-add pic ko.. 🙂

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