take some kisses

I’m feeling a little depress lately and I wasn’t really in the mood yesterday but I try to compose myself just to start my second half with a smile. They say, if you’re depress, take some kisses, eat some chocolates and you’ll be relaxed. I actually ate about two bars and felt sleepy afterwards.

Just to boost my mood, I took some of these,
classic jelly egg with 8 assorted flavors.
I thought it will add a little color to my life,

guess what, I woke up this morning and my throat hurts so bad. Anyway, I still love chocolates..

9 thoughts on “take some kisses”

  1. oh dear oh dear…hehehe….nasobrahan ka ata ng sweets te….ako d masyado mahilig sa chocs….next time drink ka ng maraming water while eating chocs to prevent tonsillitis/sore throat….dami mo ata nakain te…joke! may kisses paba jan?

  2. I love the sweets here! I love chocolates too! But wait, di ba energy boosters ang chocolates, bkit nakatulog ka agad? Baligtad effect sa yo ng chocos! 🙂

  3. Reply to:

    homer, so you really love chocolates.

    dhemz, dami talaga, ung bang feeling ko pakalunod ako sa dami ko kinain na chocolates. my throat is still bad right this time.

    beth, yes its an energy booster. i really dont know pero everytime i eat chocos, inaantok ako.

  4. oh wow chocolates! i too am addicted to it before but now i get to control it just right. funny that you actually use it to surprise you.

  5. ohhh my my, these are my weakness…can't eat one bar though especially without nuts…i can't eat so rich chocolates…love jelly beans so much…

    so, how's your throat now? get well soon

  6. Reply to:

    kris, I'll try it. I can imagine how it tastes, hmmm heaven nga.

    dong, i love chocolates and i can't control myself eating it.

    amy, my throat is ok now. about to eat another bar of choc now. 🙂

    bebskie, we miss you bebskie. thanks naka-visit ka pa rin here.

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