What a Mess!

It’s Friday once again. It is Mommymoments Day and the theme for today is “Look at that Mess.”

my daughter is eating mango here. this was taken two years ago after seeing her cousins peeling off the mango skin using their hands. this was during our summer vacation in province.

messy room during her seminar. mom was not there to fix the mess, she’s all by herself..

never cares about the messy sorrounding, all that she wants is to blow bubbles, more bubbles..

carefree child with an ice cream..

21 thoughts on “What a Mess!”

  1. She is so cute I like the first picture lovely yung smile nya :))
    Thank you so much for dropping by babalik ako d2 sa page mo and para ma update ako ng blog mo. I follow you na!!!
    Happy weekend :))

  2. mess is part of the fun. and really even an adult could get messy while peeling mango with bare hands 🙂 happy mommy moments!

  3. That is how I eat ripe mangoes at home, too. I peel off the skin as I eat the fruit. It can be messy, but it's fun! =)

  4. Hehe…so cute naman nuts puro mess nakita mo ah….uy ang fort santiago at dampa naten planuhin mo na ha…

  5. uy meron din akong pic while Chico is eating a mango… grabe ang tamis kase kaya mga bata sarap na sarap sa mangga e no..

    o di ba parehas din tayo na ice cream ang mess natin haha

    Thanks for visiting my mess 🙂
    Make or Break

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