back from a week blog holiday

I’m back now after a week blog holiday. My friends wondered where I’ve been for a couple of days now. I hibernated and thought what would life be after this? Would I emerged from my cocoon with a colorful life or back to my real world? And yes, I’m still doing the same thing. Nothing but only missed a lot here, my Yummy Sunday, Mommy Moments, Tuesday Meme, and my co-bloggers.


“Buwan ng Wika” was celebrated last month. My daughter participated in their school activities last week for the said event. She was wearing Filipiniana in this photo, “baro’t saya and sinelas” and their theme is “Barrio Fiesta.”
Look! seems like my daughter is truly enjoying her freshman year..

Happy long weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “back from a week blog holiday”

  1. Buti bumalik ka na. Saya saya. Napanis na nga buko pie mo dyan sa baba. joke. Mukhang nagi-enjoy na nga si panganay.

  2. misty, enjoy nga siya, well i guess, high school life talaga ang pinakamasaya.

    redlan, i'm back.. parang ang tagal ko nawala ah. lol..

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