me and my cuz

This is me and my cuz. We grew up together as childhood friends and shared silly and funny secrets during our teenage years. When she moved to Manila for her studies, we exchanged letters through snail mail. There was no internet that time and yet updated about each others life by mails. Now that we’re both grown up and she is now based in US, we still email each other and chat online. I have been blogging about her in my previous posts. I am sharing some of our photos together but I apologize for the soft focus on the photographs. My cousin didn’t know I upload photos with this post. For now, I can only share these copies ’til she allows me to post a more visible photos here.

This is my cuz in blue. I told her i love her top blouse here, it’s very cool. I grabbed this photo in her summer in vegas album and she surely will be surprised about this.

Our photo together during her parents 50th wed anniversary.
I was the one in green. They say we have resemblance. agree cuz? I’ve been telling her to blog, (yes she did, in her multiply account) but I guess although she is my regular reader, an anonymous react/comment from her will be far from possibility. If you don’t agree, then sorry, (lol) but it’s my turn and my blog , so better blog now cuz! 😀

6 thoughts on “me and my cuz”

  1. chubskulit, thanks.. now lang ulit ako naka-post.. i'm with my cuz, publishing without permission..ahaha..

    redlan, thanks, you could imagine me in blurry face. kulit nga, hihi.. no to bangs muna. after election na lang (noh kaya connect non, ang labo, hihi)

  2. weeee…at last i saw you na….ganda pala ni Nuts….eh pangalan nlang diko pa alam hahaha

    anyway, thanks for posting kahit blurry, sinadya mo ba? okas pa rin naman….flawless hahaha

    regards sa cousin mo

    BTW, ewan kay Mr.G….ginawan ko nga ng paraan, yung baby blog lang ang binalik pero ang iba…naku….6 months na d pa rin

    check ko sa google toolbar, dami errors eh morethan a hundred….yung PR 2 ko, 1 lang…

  3. amy, thanks.. i'm blushing right now for the comment..

    working again for my PR. I hope Mr. G. grants again my PR2.. huhu.. me opps pa naman, nga lang, limited.

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