Mommy Moments

Today is Mommy Moments Day and here is my entry for today’s theme “part of the family.”

This is Beb, my daughters favorite cousin, hanging around the mall.


we’re one as family. 

19 thoughts on “Mommy Moments”

  1. Ang cute talaga ng mga smiles ng bata and I can't help smiling back,too!!^_^

    Greetings from Japan!!I'm Clarissa,nice meeting you here at blogosphere!!Happy Mommy Moments!!^_^

  2. Wow, ung anak ko di pa nakakasama mga cousins nya ngayong mejo malaki na sya eh. sa side ko ha. pero ung sa side ng dad nya, lagi nya nakaksama. dito kase kame nakatira sa kanila eh. hehe.

  3. I thought I left a comment on this entry yesterday. It's nice for the children to be with their cousins and other relatives, they will grow up to be caring for each other.. Have a happy weekend.

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