Yummy Sunday #2

I can’t believe it! It is Sunday once again. My Yummy Sunday and here is my 2nd entry.

My daughters are always craving for graham cake and I often bake graham for them. This is the teen magazine where my daughter got the menu for banana graham creme cake. And because my younger daughter couldn’t stand anymore to her cravings that day, we headed supermarket that very hour and bought some ingredients needed for this cake.

And here’s our own banana graham cream cake, it tastes really yummy.. so so yummy. I baked this with the help of my little kid.
It took only about an hour in the fridge. After a while, banana graham creme cake was totally gone.

Happy Yummy Sunday!!

21 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday #2”

  1. wow mare looks like prepared by an expert..u must bring some pag nag kita tau ha!!!kaka gutom nuts!!!!

  2. Wow! I love bananas. Looks like this one is very easy to prepare 🙂

    Thanks for joining Yummy Sunday and hope to see you again next week 🙂

  3. I remember when I was in grade school, my aunt used to make Banana Cream Pie using Marie biscuits as its crust. I guess now Graham crackers has become the more popular choice than Marie biscuits for pies and cakes frozen "crust". Nice post… brought back memories. 😀

  4. wow gusto kong ma try din yang banana ref cake…mukhang masarap…

    i usually make mango ref cake or
    fruitcock tail..

  5. tsarappp naman hahaha….miss ko na tohhh LOL

    break na muna ako…kain ako, nagutom ako dito ahh

    Nandito na ulit ako. D pa rin ako cool…LOL. 5 months na ako nag timpi hahaha.LOL

  6. oh my…..so yummy naman nito…may natira pa ba te? hehehe….:)

    thanks for sharing….salamat pala sa comment at dalaw….:)

  7. yum yum nga! hirap lang when you use saging ang tendency mangitim 🙂 buti na lnag baked sya.. alam mo yan nag isa sa mga bagay na takot ako pag aralan.. ang mag bake!! hindi ko alma kung bakit, pero ayaw ko talaga hehe.. pero minsan bumibili ako ng gamit like baking pans pari panggawa ng tarts haha

    uy Mommy thanks for always leaving a comment in my blog ha.. hindi ako na ka pag blog hop last week.. depresses mode sa aking domain na sa wakas nakuha ko na din hehe..

    anywyas, pati dun sa Mommy Momments ko na first timer.. thanks for visiting : and all the comments you gave me.. muah!!

    Make or Break

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