yummy sunday

Yey! My favorite meme on Sunday, my Yummy Sunday!

Everybody loves pizza..

and pasta.

My daughter so loves lasagna. I wanted to cook pasta for her cravings but then we went out for a weekend treat.
It took her more than an hour for her regular meal, but not with pasta where she could finish in few minutes.


8 thoughts on “yummy sunday”

  1. Paborito ko rin pasta at pizza. Greenwich ba 'to? sobrang cheesy naman. Ayan di na mapanis yan kasi inubos na ni bunso.

  2. chubskulit, sobrang love niya ang pasta.. i'm fine rose, dito lang nagpahinga.

    perfectly blended, yah miss you all.. na miss ko last sunday ang yummy meme ko.

    sarah, thanks for visiting.

    s-h-y, have pizza.. 🙂 thanks, i'll visit you back.

    redlan, alala ko tuloy loydie sa "sobrang cheezy talaga?" 🙂

    amy, hi ams! very familiar, di ko na lang pbulish, hihi.. love it..

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