thank you so much

Thank you so much to my co-bloggers, Meryl, Beth, Bambs, Kikamz, Jeanny, Pretty Mom and Betchay. Your greetings mean a lot me.
Special thanks to Amy. She posted a blog entry for my birthday in her blogsite and that made me feel so special.
To Rose and Redlan  for providing me a link in their blog entry too.
To Reena and Attyjurita.
To my number one fan, you know who you are.

To those who left messages in my chatbox, friends online, virtual and real, my cuz, my family.. and thank God for adding another year to my life. To all, thank you so much. All your greetings made my day special.

5 thoughts on “thank you so much”

  1. If I only blog hop that day, madami din sana nakakita sa entry na yun, kaya lang, flat ako that day eh…d nakayanan …nag ka fever ako…ano ba, sakitin ako dito sa MS…

    Sana, weather will be cooler na para d na ako affected. Happy Birthday ulit girl.

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