A Bag and a Perfume

Woman simply loves to bag and perfume. We are born to be lovers of these stuff.   Imelda, known for her shoe collections as Imeldefic.  so how to you call a woman who loves perfume and bags. I’m actually an addict to perfume. I don’t have much collection of perfume but I got few of them.  I love Cool Water. It’s cool.  I t has been my favorite for ages now. My day wouldn’t be complete without a spray of this scent.

Cool Water is a resident perfume in my bag. 🙂  Love that scent?

18 thoughts on “A Bag and a Perfume”

  1. wow!i love cool water too! mabango at talagang fresh na fresh ang amoy…parang bagong ligo ang pakiramdam ^_^ cool! ^_^

  2. uh uh!!!! we share the same sense of smell LOL

    attend ka na ng EB ng magkachika ever na tau nuts! heheheh love u for loving GT 🙂 ihhhhhh

    see u again next week ha.. fave shoes nman!

    ingat lagi!

  3. I used to wear cool water,too as my signature scent kaya lang maraming gumagamit–no wonder it's really one of girls fave perfume!!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by and have a blessed week to you!!^_^

  4. oh my…super bongga tong mga cologne nyo kasi branded…hehehhe!

    musta na mami? san na pala MM mo?hehehhe…joke..bukas pa yung sakin kasi dpa friday dito….salamat pala sa dalaw!

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  7. rose, yup.blogsvertise nga pero un ung requirements na binigay sa kin. cge, next time, bawasan ko na links. bonus ko na sa blogsvertise. 😀

    sure, i'll give my all support to your daughter, the sweetest and most beautiful smile on earth..

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