family day for a cause

Here comes another storm and this is so surprising with international name “Lupit,” ang lupit nga talaga, local name Ramil, that comes after Pepeng. They say that Filipinos are born survivor. The storm comes in three’s, visiting the Philippine Island on weekends, Ondoy, Pepeng and Ramil. Three typhoon already in a row and I hope it will be the last to hit this year. Three calamities also hit the nearby country, earthquake, typhoon and tsunami. Malacanang Palace asks Filipinos to pray the “Oration Imperata” for Deliverance From Calamities.

Our supposed family day last September 27 was postponed due to storm that hit Manila and is now rescheduled tomorrow. Instead of the fabulous event, the school launched a fund raising program for the event (auctions, cash donations, etc.) The university joined the nation in helping typhoon victims, sending medical staff to affected families brought by typhoon Ondoy. In times of crisis, you will see the real good side of being a Filipino, helping each other to survive.

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