here comes pepeng..

Today, Pepeng is already hitting the Eastern and Southern part of Luzon. My sister who is in Batangas asked me updates of super typhoon Pepeng. There’s no electric power anymore in their place and they are experiencing heavy rainfall as of this moment. PAGASA this morning warned the public to be prepared for typhoon signal # 4. Manila right now is still at calm situation, no rain, no strong wind but I think everyone else is ready for super typhoon that is expected to hit later tonight. Honestly, in the last two days, I have prepared already my survival kit. Call me paranoid, but I think it would be better to get ourselves ready than be sorry later. Who would think that residents of Cainta and Provident Village would experienced walking on the rooftop calling for help after six hours of heavy rainfall. I watched victims of Ondoy a while ago and my heart is crying for them. Sigh. Pepeng is on the way here now but I hope this super typhoon would not make a landfall but rather head to last scenario that PAGASA earlier predicted.

We went earlier this morning in nearby supermarket. I noticed that some items like canned goods, candles, noodles, bottled water were already out of stock. Everybody’s panic buying and rushing to buy ready-to-eat food and I wonder if this is awareness or traumatic sign. On my side, it is preparing for the worst scenario but I just realized that we could not bring all of the food we had just in case Pepeng dumps more or the same volume of rain like ONdoys. So this is not awareness anymore. I don’t know the exact word to describe to people who are panic buying. Paranoid, overacting or trauma?

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