mommy moments: a day at the mall

Oh it’s Friday once again, Mommy Moments Day! Our theme for the week is: A day at the mall..

My older daughter surely will react if she sees this entry. She’s chubby here and she doesn’t want her old photos to be posted here. This was taken summer last year.

also last summer at trinoma..

enjoying her scoopery at the mall..
happy faces, participated in the world of arts at the mall..

Weekend at the mall is our usual bonding time.. grocery shopping, eating at our favorite fastfood or just hanging out in the mall.

22 thoughts on “mommy moments: a day at the mall”

  1. grocery shopping indeed! usually last stop before going home 😀 thanks for dropping by mommy 🙂 sure we can exchange links.

  2. me too sis, grocery mainly when I am at the mall. You have pretty daughters. Your older daughter is still pretty though she was chubby there..

  3. I love the ice cream shot with her eyeglasses on. Tell your panganay we mommies see nothing wrong with her chubbiness. We love them the way they are, don't we?

  4. happy mommy moments!

    grocery is indeed part of our weekly routine… so malling has really become a part of our life!

  5. reply to:

    >chubskulit, the other girl in the last photo is my niece.. she stayed with us for a vacation last summer..

  6. ive never been to trinoma- didn't get the chance to visit it last time we were in Philippines, sayang i could see its nice.

    tell you daughters they both look so lovely and pretty.

    happy mm and till next week.

  7. Kids love strolling to the malls and last part of the day will be a stop at the groceries–same here^_^Great family bonding,too!!^_^

    Happy Mommy Moments!!^_^

  8. cute naman ng mga dalaginding…pormang porma ang dating…heheehe!

    wala akong entry this week mami…kasi d ako mahilig magpunta sa malls dito..aside na fanget ang malls nila…super mahal pa ang bilihin….kahit sa clerance section….ehehheheh!

    wala atang mkapantay sa malls natin jan sa pinas…..

    salamat pala sa comment…daan din me dito!

  9. they are very pretty!!! and I can imagine my alyssa being a dalagita.. seems i'm gonna be kikay na by then.. haha… kase may kasama na ako.. LOL

    I was like your panganay po when I was her age.. I can see myself in her.. hehehe…

  10. Kahit chubby sya dito she looks pretty pa rin.And like any other mommies & kiddos either my family loves to visit mall & ended by stopping @ the grocery sec before we go home.

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