12 thoughts on “My Favorite”

  1. oh mama mia..am so in love with your jewels te…ganda ng watch…versatile ang dating…san kaya pwede mabili yan…hehehe….

    nice entry…better late than never…salamat po sa dlaw….happy halloween….:)

  2. I love your watch! So elegant. I like the different bracelets and the different colors of the circle thing that you put on the watch face (I don't know what that's called, but I love it!) 🙂

  3. love your watches dear esp the one with changeable straps and outer ring. perfect for matching with your mood or outfit.

    is your scarf knitted ba? you can still use scarves as accent if it is not the knitted or wool type. you can go backless and wear it around your shoulders! hehe! 😀

  4. nice collection. i love your watch with different straps ^_^
    parang same kayo ni niko…i like her watch din na may iba't ibang straps….

  5. I don't used into those big dangling earings too,like you I just go to classic jewelries .
    I like your collections of jewelries not so typical.

  6. I love the interchangeable bezels! I have that watch, too, in Gucci. Ang ganda dahil naiiba mo kulay oara partner sa suot mo 🙂

  7. OMG!! i love ur set of watches mas marami pa colors mo.. ihhhhhh diba ganyan din watch ko! pero mas susyalen naman sayo at gusto ko mas maraming colors.. where did u get them??

    oi anube di ka late girl! one week open si mclinky.. 🙂 ihhhhh heheheh so i shall see ur post pa rin noh 🙂

    thanks for joining nuts my dear.. see u on thursday ha.. fave drinks naman tau! mwah mwah

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