My Old Shoes

I entered this in my Girl’s Talk entry.  My kids already knew what I am up to when they saw me taking photos of my stuff.   I am not into selling shoes online, nor clothings or any other items.  I blog about this for weekly meme, tagged as “shoes.”

I think girls do love shoes and I am no exception.

My old sandals that I love wearing  whether going at the mall of attending events. This cost $95 but I am not selling it. Too  expensive right? I got this as a gift.  I wont spend that much and whew, I can’t afford it.

15 thoughts on “My Old Shoes”

  1. Nice collection of running shoes,I like your house of dereon shoe parang feeling sexy pag suot yan:D Have a great weekend!Thanks for the warm greetings mommy!:D

  2. What a collection of rubber shoes!!I bet you know how to take care of your shoes unlike me.They look so clean and neat!^_^

  3. ikaw pla si imeldific eh!! pero just like imelda puro gifts rin daw. pero sau when u say its a gift, i believe u 😀

    type ko ung sandals mo.. but i cant afford that! sooooo mahal ha! 🙂

    u are very blessed, dami mo sponsors ng footwear! 🙂

    katuwa mga daughters mo hahah. now they know 😀

    thanks for joining this week my dear ha.. see u next week for our fave dress naman!

    mwah mwah

  4. nice collection! ^_^ mukhang sporty ka sis. ^_^ at napaka lucky mo…maraming nagbibigay sa arbor naman ng isa?
    i agree with them ang sexy-ing tingnan ng dereon…

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