please blog me and jolibee

my daughter wants me to blog her and jolibee so i just made a short post of her friends birthday party we attended this afternoon. to sheandy, happy birthday!!

just a short video clip of jolibee dancing bida ang saya..

9 thoughts on “please blog me and jolibee”

  1. Aba kahit ako gusto ko rin i blog ako kugn kasama ko si Jollibee. Fave Fastfood ng mga anak ko yan noong nagbakasyon kami sa Pinas. Great photos..

  2. >mom of four, thanks, favorite nila din jolibee.. madami na rin branches jolibee abroad.

    >shy, hahanap-hanapin talaga ng pinoy abroad ang jolibee..:D

    >muchtopounder, thanks.. 😀

    >joops, thanks, haha. it was not my daughter's birthday but her friend. my daughters birthday is coming very soon.. november.

  3. I see, sowi for the misunderstanding hehehe… By the way, I added this in my new blog..

    Thank you so much for your support to my daughter. If you can please vote for Jillian Rylie Cottrill again today, tomorrow, and until 31st, it would be so much appreciated. Thank you so much!

  4. ang cute talaga nitong si jollibee ang galing pang sumayaw hhehehe ^_^ tamang tama ito..habang nanonood ako kagabi ng nila si jollibee sumasayaw sa pinas heheh. ^_^ by the way, happy birthday ke sheandy! ^_^

  5. Happy birthday to your daughters friend–send my greetings to her!Best wishes!!

    It's been awhile I haven't seen this Jollibee character–thanks for putting a smile on my face!^_^

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