thankful sunday

My brother is finally home!
Finally my brother landed safely last Sunday. We all waited for him eagerly, also welcomed by his wife and her one-year old daughter. Had lunch with family and a little talk before they headed home. “Mano po..” not the movie but the usual welcoming gestures or showing respect for elderly.

Email from my cuz!
Got an email from her, she is now in Maryland. Just to let you know that I’m happy knowing that you’re enjoying your life and your career there as a nurse. I’m just so proud of you cuz.

3 thoughts on “thankful sunday”

  1. Wow ang saya saya naman ng reunion dyan sis… I used to teach my kids with pagmamano which they willingly did for our first visit but most of the old folks are pinching their nose so after that they don't wanna do it anymore…

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