Tomorrow will be the grand welcome for our dear brother who is arriving from abroad. We’re going to meet him up in the airport together with my sisters, all of us. Banner? Nope, there’s no banner, just a welcome hug. After 2 years, finally, our brother is coming home. Those who knew him, certainly won’t be surprised why we’re all excited. So excited! I’ll be signing off early and will visit your blogs tomorrow. So goodnight folks! Have a happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “weekend”

  1. Enjoy sa pagsalubong, I know how you feel. I felt the same nung una kaming umuwi dyan sa Pinas.. Pati ako naeexcite hehehe..

  2. ako ang nae-excite sa inyo…talagang nakakasabik ang ganyang moment lalo na kapag matagal na di nagkita. chibugan na! ^_^

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