GT: ohlala chocolates..

Forget about the calories. Oh lala, its chocolates. When you’re feeling blue, all you have to do is take some chocolates. Coz, when I am, I just sit down with chocolates full in my hand. And that makes me feel so relax. Here are some of my favorites.

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Have a break, take some chocolates!

13 thoughts on “GT: ohlala chocolates..”

  1. hi! thanks for dropping by and checking out my list. you should try royce, it really is amazing. a little pricey but i guess we can indulge once in a while. take care!

  2. reply to niko,
    sorry niko, pero opposite ang effect sa kin ng chocolates. nakatulog ako agad pag madami ko nakain na choco.

  3. aba..talagang daming may gusto ng kisses ah, naku, anu bang diet diet, kapag gusto ko, kakain ako, minsan gusto mo ng something sweet di ba?

    When I eat kisses with almonds, I make sure though that I watch how much I eat, kasi kapag hindi, I can eat the whole package without even knowing about it. Especially when I read my books, naku..

  4. Every girl loves chocolates. Yan ata ang kasunod ng diamonds na bestfriends..lolz

    Pero the last time i ate chocolates, my throat got sore. Panu ba naman, isang lata atang iba ibang chocolates ang nakain ko last Halloween.. Nag trick or treat ako eh..LOL.

    Pass muna ko jan, till now may ubo pa ko eh pero pagaling na hopefully..

  5. uhm..affordable at yummy, i go for snickers,hehehehe! my buddy during exams…GT k pala, i remember my sissy is a certified Girltalker,hehehehee~

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