im stressed out

I’ve been so stressed lately and here’s the list of things that I need to accomplish:

1. can’t post here number one in my list that caused me to be stressed out
and what follows here has just added to my stressful day..
2. 3 pending task in blogsvert
3. math tutorial for my daughter
4. eon debit card
5. tv, rice cooker, movie player, mediacom were broken, need replacement/repair
6. landline, dsl, cable…
7. renew/update of everything..

i hope to get all these things done this week. i’m just sooo soooo stressed…:(
stressed is desserts spelled backwards and so i need to run now to the nearest store for my favorite chocolates to destress.

8 thoughts on “im stressed out”

  1. woaaa…even if you are stressed, you still notice that the word is desserts spelled backward…very smart hahaha…yep, get your food of the gods now, angels will help yo out…

    I am back girl, yeyyy…im missing you all…dang! its been 3 months honestly…so sorry…my class is over…the rush and the assignments…woaaa…glad I made it!

    back to blog hopping…i am checking updates here…

    hey, you can accomplish those things…have a deep breathe and smile…do it, now

  2. uy 3 in blogverts? swrte hehe.. I can be your writer if you want haha.. mura lang ako sumingil haha

    it's been a while no.. hopefully bago lumaki si sati masulit ko ang oras ko sa pagbisita sa mga blogs 🙂

  3. hahahah i love the desserts thingy lol. Yakang yaka mo yan sis,.. Kung anuman yang number sana nga ma accomplish mo na, sige ka tatanda ka nyan if lagi kang stressed out hehehe. mwah1

  4. Stress tab katapat niya. uy daming opps. okay ba ang eon? hindi ko pa nakuha sa kin. Nag-aaply ako pero may mali kaya pinaulit ko. At hindi ko na siya binalikan.

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