Tuesday Couch Potatoes

I missed last week theme western movies and if I’m to submit my entry it would be Legends of the Fall for primary reason being Brad Pitt in the cast and the story behind it. Sorry Kikamz , I’ve been too busy into something, I’ll try to catch up every week for Tuesday Couch Potatoes.

So here’s my entry for this week’s American Presidents or First Families in the Movie.
Mine is Air force One.

I couldn’t think anyone other than Harrison Ford to play the perfect role of American president in this movie. The movie is about the president’s plane being hijacked by a group of militant Russian nationalists and tried to ransom the president and his family onboard the plane for the release of captured Russian general. Just like any other movies, there are some unimaginable scene in real life like hanging out at the back end of plane twice for hundreds of miles per hour. Overall, I like the movie from begining to end since the story has its own good effects with some action, tension and drama scenes.

Full summary up here.
Trailer of the movie courtesy of YouTube.com.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Couch Potatoes”

  1. hello dear, no apologies needed. we all have our busy schedules and i really appreciate your taking the time to post an entry each week.

    i guess every time i see a link sa mcklinky, i keep expecting that it will be Air Force One and tama ang hula ko. hehe! i think this will be the first movie that will come to mind pag sinabing president movie. harrison ford is very unforgettable in his role!

    thanks for joining us this week dear. next week naman, we will feature animal movies. till then, take care and happy tcp!

  2. i super like this film too! 🙂 although there is one stunt that i think is so unbelievably impossible…yung nakasabit na sila sa likod ng plane..basta those scenes. hehe.

  3. uy looks like Air Force One is a popular pick this week. Lurve the part where Ford said to the terrorists "Get off my plane!" how kewl is that?

    Happy TCp, here's mine.

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