GT: Christmas Decoration

This Christmas tree is my only Christmas decoration this year.

There are no presents yet under the Christmas Tree.. 🙂
More Christmas decor by clicking the badge below.

7 thoughts on “GT: Christmas Decoration”

  1. Hi nuts! that is a lovely Christmas Tree! Good for you that you have even the tree for decors this year because I don't have any, not even a single poinsettia plant!

    I love the two Santas under the tree. Do they dance?

  2. Those are cute angel ornaments.Kami din eh yung tree lang din, as much as I want to put more,but it's too much of a job plus no budget as well. lol!

  3. cute deciration ah. we dont have a tree this year pero we put christmas liughts sa labas and lanterns. 🙂

    LApit na CHristmas..exciting noh?

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