Mellow Yellow Monday

My second entry for Mellow Yellow Monday and the story behind Gumamela. 


Everytime my daughter sees Gumamela or “hibiscus,” she would always say, “look there’s gumamela here.”

Few years ago when my daughter was in prep school, her teacher asked them to bring gumamela flower. After looking around the nearby garden and asked some friends for gumamela, we arrived home nothing in our hand. Gumamela is seldom seen here in the city. We went to Dangwa, “flower shop in Manila where you can buy different kinds of flowers,” but still there’s no gumamela. To her frustration, she brought roses the following day but her teacher said that it can’t be used to study the different parts and only gumamela is perfect and has the complete part of the flower. All the sterile and fertile parts of the flower are present in gumamela.

This photo was taken last year during our vacation in Laguna and my daughter so told me to take photo of it. I never knew that taking photo of this last year has its own reason, to share in my today’s Mellow Yellow Monday.

19 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday”

  1. I love gumamela, especially the double one, when i was in grade school, I always give it to my teacher on teacher's day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Pretty yellow hibiscus is one of my daughter's favorite plants too. Interesting to learn that it's also called Gumamela. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. great entry and great post te…..dito super mahal yung gumamela plants….have one before…pero d nagsurvive pag winter…ehehehe…super ginaw kasi dito pag winter.

    thanks pala sa dalaw at comment….musta na po?

    merry christmas in advance!

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