MM: Christmas Moment

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Our MM for this week is Christmas Moment.

Oh I love chocolates! Christmas brings so much happiness for kids. My children went out this morning together with their friends and greeted their godparents a Merry Christmas! BTW, thanks to my in-laws for sending us box of goodies!

Photo taken a while ago.. Usual Christmas visit!
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15 thoughts on “MM: Christmas Moment”

  1. I'm sure you had a great & wonderful Christmas day.All sez well while looking at your photos of your family here.God Bless & Merry Christmas!Hugs!

  2. Sure you had fun.. iba kasi ang celebration sa pinas, super saya =) I hope its not yet too kate to shout my greetings to you and your family, Happy holidays =) Its really a busy week til New year =) happy new year din

    our xmas moment

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