Time for Sleep

I can already smell the Christmas in the Air. People in our town were already busy preparing for holidays. Some are still decorating their houses. Others are attending Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi, “midnight mass” or “mass of the rooster.” After attending mass, it is already a tradition of buying rice cake, puto bumbong (purpple rice logs), with salabat or ginger tea.

Last night, we do the Christmas rush. It was already 8 o’clock when we went to mall and do the shopping. My daughter still needs more gifts and it was already late when we decided to go on shopping. Mall time usually closes at 9pm but during the season, they extend their hours to 11pm. My daughter completed the people in her list for today’s party. It was already past eleven when we reached home and was too late for their sleeping time. I prepared children’s bed at once and made sure they find the greatest comfort in bed for a very tiring and long day. I saw them tired asleep few moments when we got home. Tired but sleeping with a happy face on a very comfortable bed.

My older daughter woke up with a big smile on her face. She was so excited this morning. I can see it in her eyes. She said that she might be a little late today for Paskuhan celebration.

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