Her Favorite Pancake

I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to bake us bibingka made from cassava.  I also remember cooking palitaw and other kakanin as our meryenda.  My two daughters have different preference when it comes to their snack. Younger daughter prefers pancake while my older wants hamburger, fries and pasta.

Today, cooking their  favorite snack is easy. In three steps, I can already prepare hot pancake for my younger daughter. It’s her favorite too.


Older daughter who is now in secondary school can have her favorite snack when she wants it. Mcdo, her favorite fastfood  is accessible inside their campus.


11 thoughts on “Her Favorite Pancake”

  1. Hotcake is a yummy fave, although I have yet to let my son have pancake. Hmm, that gives me an idea. Digiscrapping, is that what it's called; that's a good hobby and a nice favorite, too. Thanks for visiting. I hope we can exchange links, too.

  2. She can be a Pillsburry and Maya Commercial Model. Good thing she likes eating pancakes I think it's better than eating junk food.

    Happy Weekend dear! thanks for visiting my blog. Keep in touch!

  3. Great job with the picture scrapbook.. I'm really awed when kids do this..:) My son and I love the Pillsbury syrup too 🙂

  4. Aww!!! How I miss Maya Pancake.. It's not available in where we are, but nothing can stop us from having them, so I make it from scratch.. hehe..
    And oh, you've got a teener already.. I can't imagine my Alyssa whe she reach that age. I'll surely be needing words of advice from moms like you.. =)

  5. my son loves pancake, too!

    wow, she is reading twilight book now…very impressive :-); ako ngayon pa lang nag start reading it eh…

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